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The AFCAT Air Force Selection Board or AFSB is one of the toughest interview conducted for the duration of 5 days like the Service Selection Board in Indian Army and Navy. It is the final stage of AFCAT selection process.  It evaluates candidates’ mental and physical strengths. The interview involves Group tasks and psychological tests. Candidates who successfully clear the AFCAT CBT written exam are called for the interview at one of the five centres which are located in Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, Varanasi and Kancharapara. In this blog we will discuss the activities that are planned during these five days.

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Day 1

It is the crucial day for all the Air Force aspirants, It is the Screening day and the OIR and PPDT is conducted on this day. The aspirants are instructed to report at the railway station about 6:45- 7 AM from where they are escorted to the AFSB centre by an IAF bus. The candidates are welcomed at the centre and they are informed about the rules and regulations for the next 5 days.

After this paper works is conducted and OIR and PPDT is followed. After the announcement of the results, the selected candidates are again called to the testing room for the document verification. The screened-out candidates are dropped to the railway station by bus. The selected candidates are then sent for the psychological test lasting 4-5 hours.

Day 2

On the second day, 2 tests are conducted: PABT (Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test)  and psychological tests of the left out candidates on the first day. The PABT test assesses and tests the aptitude and ability of the candidate to be trained as a pilot.

Candidates who fail in the PABT test, are debarred from giving the AFCAT ever again.

The PABT test includes the following 3 stages:

Instrument Battery Test (INBT)

It is a pen and pencil-based test, through which the ability of the candidate of read and interpret the dials of an instrument of an aircraft is measured. Compass meter, Climbing or Diving meter, Horizon detector and altimeter are some of the aircraft meters included in this test. After getting the knowledge on these aspects, candidates are then tested on the same.

Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA)

This is a machine based test. In this test, there are 2 rectangles (One big and one small) shown on the screen of the candidates and some dots will be shown on the upper part of the screen which has to be adjusted in the small rectangle. Another beep killing has to be executed by pressing the jockey button. Further, the candidate has to put off yellow and red light simultaneously by left hand lever. The score will be added only for the circles adjusted in the rectangle.

Control Velocity Test (CVT)

This also is a machine-based test which measures how precisely you control velocity. This is done by imposing a small dot on free falling yellow dots coming from the upper part of the screen with the help of a jockey. To obtain high marks in this test, the candidates will have to touch the blue line to randomly coming yellow balls.

Day 3, 4 & 5

GTO tasks and interviews are conducted during the last three days and there is no certain schedule of these three days. Generally, every candidate gets at least on efree day during the entire AFSB process.

The GTO includes 9 activities:

Group discussion, military planning exercise, Progressive Group Task, Snake Race. Lecturette, Half group task, individual obstacles, Command Task and Final Group Task.

The interview process lasts 30-60 minutes, where the candidates are asked about their academics, co-curricular activities and experiences.

Final Day

Generally, the AFSB ends with a conference day. On this day all the mentors, who guided the candidates throughout the past 5 days will be present to announce the results. The selected students are asked to stay to complete further formalities and the rest are asked to leave.

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