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About GoFootLoose is a part of Indicafila travel and hospitality services pvt ltd group of websites. 

Through this website, we wish to promote adventure travel, bring out to the world several unexplored specialty lodgings such as camps, home stays, b&b’s etc at various offbeat destinations in India and thus, assist the local population in these locations to earn a living.

Our accommodations at various locations offer various activities vis – a vis adventure sports, Yoga retreats, Astro photography, leisure holidays, to do nothing holidays, etc.

The team of expert instructors and guides are dedicated to provide you with an adrenaline-charged adventure trip set amidst the lap of nature in Himalayan states, Deserts, Wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

Careful planning, great importance towards customer safety, a sense of gushing enthusiasm and love for nature are the main motifs that drive us.

Our team is highly passionate and understands the true essence of adventure. The utter enthusiasm of the team and the quality of service will guarantee that you spend a thrilling and safe holiday that will leave everlasting memories in your mind.

We envisage a relationship with our customers based on the principle of internalizing an enriching & rejuvenating dream holiday experience. 

In the process, we pay tribute and celebrate the untamable and free human spirit that binds us all.

Last but not the least, we @Indicafila travel and hospitality pvt. ltd. understand our moral responsibilities towards nature and society at large, and are devoted towards nature sustainability and social upliftment.