Pahadi house - Chamba

Given a choice to stretch your arms and float in the air, will you say a NO? Or allowing the wind to gently kiss your cheeks, play with your hair, will you refrain from it? Pahadi House gives you a lifetime experience to “be yourself”. Away from the “busy” and “hectic” life schedule, spending moments in the lap of mother nature, you instantly connect with your soul. You wake up to witness God’s most beautiful creation all around by simply peeking out from the window of your room. Yes. It all happens here.


Pahadi house is located amidst Pine forest at a secluded hill meadow. The property offers magnificent and breathtaking views of mountains, forests, clouds, star lit night sky. Pahadi house is located off road 1 km from Danda chali village. Vehicles can reach upto 500 meters via offroad. 10 minutes of hiking through pine forest from parking will make you reach Pahadi house.


2 Pahadi cottages each having 2 single beds, almirah, attached washrooms, a small porch.4 prefab cottages built in pahadi style. Each cottage has 3 single beds, almirah, attached washrooms, a small porch. 3 swiss luxury tents each having 2 double beds, attached washrooms, a small platform for sitting.1 yoga hall / conference hall for yoga, meditation, conference, lectures, etc. Keeping in mind the relaxation of our customers, there are various sitting and relaxing points at our property. At our camp, different Himalayan birds can be frequently seen at dusk & dawn while you are relaxing and sharing travel stories and experiences with your friends.

Dinning hut

Pahadi house has a small canopy hut which is used for dinning purposes. Meals are served in buffet style. The camp kitchen provides wholesome and fresh Indian cuisine along-with local delicacies. Local dishes are made of locally grown vegetables and pulses.

Camp USPs

  1. Attached washrooms in all accommodation units with running water. Hot water is available on request
  2. Camp area dedicated for lodging & food, yoga, reading and to do nothing.
  3. Dedicated dining hut for food and relaxing.
  4. Indoor activities like playing cards, etc.
  5. All toiletries like soap, shampoo, oil, etc
  6. Basic first aid.
  7. Wifi (although we would like you to connect to nature rather a wifi connection)

Basic package

Accommodation on double/triple occupancy basis.
Meals – buffet style
Local trekking/hiking/yoga/adventure sports.
Complete field & safety equipment and instructors for all activities.


Our Camp activities are designed to have fun and provide direct learning experience. We ensure that participants will enjoy a newfound independence away from home and beyond office cubes or college & school daily curriculum. We also arrange for Corporate/School specific activities like:

  1. Out Bound Training
  2. Meetings & Events
  3. Team building activities
  4. Summer camps
  5. Picnics

Contact us to customise your Trip / Stay.

Fact Sheet
September – June
The Pahadi house is located 10 kms from Chamba town of Uttarakhand. One has to take Rani chauri road from Chamba intersection to reach Dandi challi village. From Dandi challi, one has to take offroad of about 500 meters to reach the parking of Pahadi house. From thereon, one has to trek 5-10 minutes through forest trail to reach Pahadi house. Nearest Bus Stop - Chamba bus stand. 10 kms.
Nearest rail head - Dehradun. 90 kms.
Nearest Airport - Dehradun. 90 kms
Light clothing, sunscreen, jumper for cooler evenings
In winters, heavy woolen are required.
Yoga retreat courses of 4/5/7/15 days
Meditation and wellness programmes
Adventures activities such as water sports, rafting, trekking,etc
Organic farming, local village tours and experiencing local uttarakhandi culture.
Nature and astrophotography.
Tehri Lake is 45 minutes driving distance from Pahadi house Rishikesh is 70 kms from Pahadi house.